Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Julie's Tattoo

Julie got the tattoo she's been wanting.  The initials are for Mary Couey Demarco and the NMW is the family saying we've always had....no matter what you say for the rest of the day......
I didn't think she do it.  Watching needles stick her are not her forte.  I think it's beautiful.  One day I may get a butterfly on my shoulder or ankle or some place that doesn't hurt.  Pain is not my forte.
Michele and I had our first drawing and painting class last week. Drawing is not my forte either.  I just want to splash color on a canvas and see what comes out.  But I guess you have to get the basics down to understand what you are capable of.  So, we're off again tomorrow night. 

Cindy LOVES her dance class and Gabe is going to start Karate tomorrow after school. Last week he was sick.  Wonder what Julie is going to start doing.  Kerry likes playing his poker on line.  Something to keep us all occupied and moving along the path.
Thursday is GTF's Art and Soul event.  Mary will have a table dedicated to her with pictures of her and Danny and lots of "Donate Life" information.

One of the web pages for Mary's scholarship and funds is up and running at UGA.  They are still working on the Computer Science area.  The link is on the right side of the blog.  The picture of her is beautiful!  I have it hanging in the living room on my wall.  

I have to find a gutter cleaning service to replace the gutters on the house and a pressure washing service to clean everything.  My friend Jason is coming over to help me design the back yard. 

This week is soooo busy I don't have time to think.  Maybe that's good, maybe that's bad, I don't know.  Maybe that just makes my "bucket" of grief fill up faster.  I just know when it gets full I explode.  But when I'm not busy it just leaks out all the time.  My poems are gone for awhile - nothing to say - but I love you Mary. 

Had a friend tell me yesterday that "life is for the living" and I needed to live for myself a little.  "Mary would want that".  Interesting how everyone knows what Mary's thinking but me and Tony.  Others have said the same thing.  He said if the situation was reversed, that's what I would tell Mary.  But it's not.  Mary's kindness kept me from saying what I really wanted to say.  Everyone tries to comfort me. It doesn't work, so don't try.  At least not yet.  I just need you to stand my me, not say anything, just be there.

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  1. Rose...how about that tattoo? I will take you to get it!