Wednesday, February 24, 2010

I want.... I want.....

How do I forget March 31st.  How do I remove it from my memory?  Right now it is looming in the forefront like a tidal wave that is slowing forming, picking up mass and speed.  I have always had dreams (or maybe they are called nightmares) of standing on a beach when a tidal wave comes at me.  And I mean a BIG wave.  So tall I can’t jump up and ride the swell over it.  More like 40 feet tall.  When I saw the movie Deep Impact, it showed a giant tidal wave caused by the meteorite crashing to earth.  THAT is my dreammare.  I always wake up when the water starts to enclose me in terror.  I also have dreams of flying – without wings – anywhere and everywhere I want.  Sometimes I hit the ground and sometimes I get too high but I do so love those dreams.
I tried going to bed at a decent hour (11:30) and I laid there and tossed and turned thinking about everything all at once.  About Mary, her smile, the crash, Danny, what happens if….back to Mary and what I’m saying to that man in court.  Round and round in circles until my pillow is so wet and my nose is so stuffy I have to get up.  Sometimes I wake up my husband so I hold my breath and breathe slowly until I hear him snoring again.  No need bothering him.  We all have our demons. 
I am seeing the crash again as I drive to and from work or around town.  I catch myself shaking my head NO at no one in particular trying to say it didn’t happen.  I remember walking around shaking my head for days on end.  I kept repeating NO.....NO over and over again in between banging my head on the wall.  Then I moved to hitting the walls with my fist.  That hurt more than the head banging.  Trying to erase the reality I guess.
My urge to learn to paint is fizzling out.  My urge to do anything right now is starting to fade.  I know I can’t paint very well.  But my old habits of wanting to do something perfect, or at least really good, the first time is showing itself.  I know I don’t spend enough time actually practicing.  I know that’s the problem.  So what do I spend all my time doing when I’m not at work?  Cleaning, washing, sitting and staring and wishing I had the energy or urge to do something creative.  I don’t even write as much as I want.  I watch way too much TV but TV is a fantastic escape from reality.  Until you hit an episode that cuts your heart out.
I watched a new show called Past Life.  I got 10 minutes into the 2nd episode and they started talking about that “soul connection” two people have like when a child is hurt and the parent knows.  Well, that’s all for that show.  I have always wondered if that kind of thing really exists.  Do you have to be “special” to feel things like that?  Is that what being a psychic or medium is?  There’s sympathy and empathy – what’s the difference?  I think there’s a big difference.  I remember an episode of Star Trek about an “empath”. 
GOD, I hate feeling so lost and unattached.  Why is it that my mental feelings affect my physical body so much?  Sometimes I feel like I’m smothering and being squished.  And for those that tell people who have mental disorders to “get over it” or “get a life”...   I say… know what I’d say.
I want Mary back.  I want my life back the way it was.  I want to not live on the edge waiting for the unforgivable to happen again.  I want to not feel terrified all day long.  I want…….. I want…… I want… Mary.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010


Why do I sit and why do I wonder
Why do I try when I know I can’t
Why do I think and why do I question
Why do I cry when my heart is spent

Life is a bubble floating in sunlight
Colored and beautiful waiting to burst
Life is a dessert withered and scorched
Teasing mirages quenching my thirst

Save me from your reasons
Don’t lie with your heart
If truth is what you make it
Then love is all that’s left

When I am old and when I am silent
I will have many stories to share
No one will listen and no one will hear me
No one will care that I traveled this road

Friday, February 12, 2010

The Beach

At 2am on March 31, 2009 my life changed forever and I fell into an abyss of heartbreak that has yet to end.  But I can see a path even though I don’t want to follow it.
I was dropped from above on to a lonely dark beach.  There was a terrible storm and the waves and wind were all consuming.  The salt water stung my eyes while the wind whipped the sand over me and ate at my flesh.  The waves pelted me from all sides and the wind kept me pinned to the beach floor.  I could see no one because I couldn’t open my eyes.  I could hear no one because the storm was so loud.  I could feel no one because I thought I was alone. 
Later when I was able to open my eyes, I saw behind me past the beach was a forest of tall green trees bending to the screeching wind.  To my left the beach rose to meet the black rich dirt of the forest as a cliff was formed with mighty rocks and boulders below at the surfs edge.  The waves pelted the rocks showing only the razor sharp edges gazing at the slumped form laying on edge of the cliff above.
To my right was unending beach stretching for eternity but I could see other shapeless forms standing, kneeling, laying in the surf fighting the storm helplessly.
I stayed in the same place on this beach for months as the water and wind and salt ravaged my body and soul.  I could not reach out or talk to anyone else on the beach.  As time went by I noticed many of the shapes on the beach were gone.  They had either run into the forest or swam into the ocean or walked farther down the beach.  A few were still in the same place.  The shape on the cliff had moved closer to the edge.
Slowly the storm began easing up letting me finally take an uninterrupted breath but leaving me cold and shivering.  As the days went by I noticed that the waves had diminished but continually washed over me keeping me warm as I lay in the surf.  The salt still burned my eyes and the sand still scarred my skin but the wind had subsided. 
I would look down the beach for the others and saw a few still in the surf like me.  I watched the form on the cliff finally crawl into the forest and back to the cliff over and over again.  Looking for something to keep him warm but finding nothing.
Many sunrises and sunsets have come and gone since the storm changed my life.  The young man on the cliff has climbed down to sit with me instead of falling off the edge.  The ones left on the beach have walked around the edge of the forest and back looking for a path.  I can only see miles of unending beach waiting for me to walk it. 
But I like sitting in the beach puddles and letting the warm water wash over me.  Sometimes I wish the storm would come back so I could feel the strength of its power engulfing me.  This time, however, keeping me safe and far away from reality.
The ocean waves are memories of Mary. The forest is life continuing without me. The cliff is a quick answer.  The beach is a slow answer.  I need to stay close to the waters edge so as the tide comes and goes it can caress my soul.  Some days the waves are taller than I am and they overwhelm me and knock me down.  Some days they gently wash over my feet and the sand disappears from under me as I sink down.  I don’t want to move but the waves are carving a path down the beach. 
The young man beside me wants to walk away from the ocean and go into the forest.  I want him to walk with me down the beach where the others are patiently waiting for us.  It’s a hard decision for both of us.  It will be a long journey no matter which way we go.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Making mistakes

Wonder if I should take down my Christmas tree and stockings?  I’ve left them up because Mary would have.  She loved Christmas and never got to enjoy her tree very much in December because of her work schedule so she would leave the tree up till Feb or longer.  The tree has not lost any needles yet.  Haven’t had any fires so the candy in the stockings hasn’t melted.  There’s candy in Mary’s stocking.  Her favorite little chocolate balls.  If I take the tree down there will be a blank bare spot in the living room just like there is in my life.  Think I’ll leave it up a little while longer.  No one seems to mind.

Now that I’ve resigned myself not to worry about Julie’s divorce I have more time to think about Mary.  Which is both good and bad.  It takes forever to go to sleep at night even when I stay up long enough to fall asleep walking down the hall.  When I hit the pillows my eyes open and I get lost in memories or anger or helplessness or frustration.  Same with driving to and from work.  It’s the quiet times that are the hardest.

I watch Julie and the kids interact and I remember all the mistakes I think I made when raising my kids.  Oh, only if I had a chance to do it over again I would be such a better mom.  Not that I was terrible, just didn’t have a clue what I was doing in the high school years with Julie, learned some lessons and changed with Mary and Danny.  But didn’t really get most of it down until I had just Danny in high school.  And, our lives weren’t exactly the norm with his heart troubles.  But I did and do regret not giving the other two as much attention as I gave Danny.  Hind sight is perfect I know but second sight is better. 

I didn’t have my mom to go through adulthood with, no one to ask questions to, no one to get in the way of my perceived ideologies of raising children.  I wonder with Julie and the kids living here if I am going to make the same mistakes I made with Julie when she was growing up.  Am I going to smother her with opinions, stifle her personality with examples of how I think things should be?  I don’t know how three generations of Walton’s managed to live together under one roof without getting on each other nerves.  But then it was a TV show and they can re-write the scripts until they are picture perfect.  I do love Julie so much and I don’t want her to make the same mistakes I made raising her.  But then that’s what I said when she was growing up and I tried to not let her make mistakes.  But, everyone has to make them otherwise you never learn.  What, oh what and I going to do.  Mary would know. 

I know I sometimes sound like I think Mary was all wise and an expert in everything, like she’s my elder.  It’s just that with our heads together we could merge our ideas and come out on top.  We were braiding my thoughts, her thoughts and life and they all fit together.  I had a hard time letting her go off to live her life too.  People joke about apron strings but they are definitely there.  But I promised myself I wouldn’t hang on too tight like I did with Julie.  I am so sorry I did that to you, Julie.  I want you and your kids to have a better relationship than we had.  I think I loved you too hard and I think I’m doing it again.  But I will try to catch my self when I can see it happening and stop.  You need to make mistakes or at least what I perceive as mistakes, on your own.  Maybe they aren’t mistakes at all.  Maybe they are my own misguided ideas of how life should be.  What do I know?  Only that I love my family to the point of no return.  And that’s a fault I need to deal with.

Friday, February 5, 2010



Maybe I shouldn’t stare at pictures of your face
Maybe I shouldn’t wear your clothes or hold on to your lace

Maybe I shouldn’t wile the hours thinking of you
But these are the shouldn’ts I don’t want to do

Maybe I should keep so busy I can’t see
Maybe I should stop and try to forget that awful scene

Maybe I should concentrate on living life today
But these are the shoulds I don’t want to do.

I can’t do nothing and I can’t do it all and I can’t find my way
The shoulds and shouldn’ts just confuse what’s left of my sanity
So I’m asking you please just to hold my hand
And let me find my peace anyway I can
Even when I shouldn’t be

Maybe I shouldn’t watch your video’s cuz they just make me cry
Maybe I should never look back and trade a smile for a lie

Maybe I shouldn’t wonder what would have been with you in my life
Maybe I should forgive and forget and trade peace for a lie

But I can’t, I won’t, I don’t know how, not sure if I want to
I need to hold you in my arms one more time to find what's true

I can’t do nothing and I can’t do it all and I can’t find my way
The do’s and don’ts just confuse what’s left of my sanity
So I’m asking you please just to hold my hand
And let me find my peace anyway I can
Even when I don’t want to