Thursday, September 17, 2009

Julie gets the results from her MRI today.  I have to see my cardoligist tomorrow.  Danny keeps getting more tired.  Kerry is hanging tough.  The house needs repairing (a gutter on the tallest side of the house fell down after the last great rain fall).  Mary's Party is tomorrow night.

Don’t Worry
Don’t tell me not to worry
Rain has to fall, flowers have to bloom
And day turns into night and back to day
Else the universe collapses
I worry that your smile may fade
from memories so fresh I can feel the dew
on the mountainside grass
I worry that your laughter may quiet
my listening ears as the night frogs song moves
from evening to dawn and stops
I worry that your sparkling eyes may close
in my visions so real like the day lily shines for
only a short time in glory
I worry that your loving touch may not reach
far enough to comfort me and mine when we
need it most often now
I worry that while I don’t want to share your
spirit so fair it needs to be everywhere felt by everyone
to carry on your legacy of loving life with happiness
Don’t tell me not to worry
It’s like telling me not to breathe

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