Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Butterfly Bridges

Butterfly Bridges (for Tony)
It found your soul, your spirit calm, and lit upon your hand
Gently waving gossamer wings in an effervescent stance
It tried to take flight but could not leave, the wonder in your eyes like glue
You held your breath at the awesome sight watching its every move
Till I reached out and made a bridge joining our finger tips
You smiled at me as it marched across, an emissary on call
Our heads did touch, our mouths agape, hearts silently enthralled
It turned to look into our eyes as if to question our amazement
We did not understand back then, we only had a hint
Love did start with the bridge we made joining our finger tips
The bridge of love, it is steadfast
Even when it sways, it lasts
So on our way we made our lives, close by but separately
The ups and downs gave way to life, a lacking potpourri
Then one day, alone and sad, we saw each others face
We found ourselves back on that bridge, the lure of a warm embrace
You found my heart so long ago, with the touch of a finger tip.
What’s in a touch that lets love pass
Between two souls, its joy so vast
Butterfly kisses and fingertip bridges
All for the love of my life.

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