Friday, July 3, 2009

To die or not to die, that is the question

Here’s a question. Who would you die for? Who would you be willing to give up your life for without the slightest hesitation? As a parent I would say my children. Yet there are plenty of parents who abuse and even murder their children. So, just being a parent isn’t the answer. As a wife I would say my husband. But, once again, the same goes for spouses. Maybe it’s not the position you hold in life that matters but the person you are deep down inside. Could you give you life for a stranger (perfect or not)? Many people do in times of disaster – 9/11.

After you have decided who you would die for, the question becomes – Why?

So much has been written about this subject but have you really, really considered it? Have you gotten a pad of paper and listed the people or reasons you’d die for someone?

What if you didn’t have to die to save someone. What if you just had to give up something. An arm, a leg, or a kidney or lung? A lady I know is a living donor. She gave a kidney to a 12 year old friend of her son’s. She didn’t know him that well but her son, also 12 wanted to give his kidney to his friend. He was too young. So she did. Interesting the way people think, isn’t it.

I would have given my life for Mary in a blink of an eye. I would trade places with her this instant. I would trade places with Danny right now. This July 4th weekend someone one is going to die and someone else is going to get to live because of them. But it won’t be a choice, it will just happen.

This “journey” (for lack of a better word) that I am on would be so much easier (really bad word) if Mary could have saved someone else. She would have done it in a heart beat. Her eyes, her less than 20/20, more like 80/100, her beautiful eyes could have been donated. But the autopsy tests, or whatever, ruined them. I wish she could have given her smile to someone. Love that smile.

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