Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Poem for Mary

This is by one of Mary's oldest friends from childhood.


by John Lattier
July, 2009

One more goodbye and then
One more good cry and then
I can let go and you'll
Take to the skies and I'll
Turn to the mirror
My face becomes clearer:
An infinite sorrow
How empty my heart, what's the
Point of tomorrow when
You aren't a part of this
World we grew up in
This thing we called life
Now that you're gone I
No longer see why. Can I
Tear up the articles
Round up your particles
Fuse you together and
Guard you forever
And never let go
And watch you grow old?
I still hear your laughter
It's part of my own
I can still see your face
In the mirror
But no...
One more goodbye can I share with you now?
One more good cry and then maybe somehow
I can let go
And I can grow old but I'll
Never forget you
For so long as I live
I'll never stop asking myself
What if
Goodbye Mary Couey
Forever your name
Will remind me that life
(Whatever that means)
Will never
The same

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