Friday, July 31, 2009


Four months right now, and counting.

This is from 3 years ago at Chilkat Lake in Alaska where Tony proposed to Mary. She was taking one of her famous "arms length" snap shots.


Time heals? Time dulls? Time stops? Never
Rewind time into the blessed past

Time doesn’t wait. It keeps pushing and shoving
Swallowing you up as it goes along its way

Time doesn’t lie. It spits out the truth
And waits for no man to understand

And if time has the answers I sure wish it would slow down
So I can catch up and turn back its hands

Time doesn’t sing. It doesn’t make a noise.
Songs of forever are not on the menu for me

Time only keeps moving and moving
Giving me no place to go and no place to sleep

Why can’t it wait till I catch my breath
Wait till I find my love
I know she’s right here on the other side of its face

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