Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Mary's Plaque

This is the dedication of Mary's plaque from the people at Drake Software in Franklin, NC.


Aside from the new people here in the Development department all of us knew Mary Couey. For those of you that are new, Mary was a programmer in the federal group assigned to the 1120S package. Mary was killed by a drunk driver on March 31 after leaving the visitation for my brother’s funeral.

Those who knew Mary remember the person she was, and the soul she is. Mary embraced everything in life with a dazzling smile. She looked at life with complete enjoyment and the only thing that removed the smile from her face was the fear she felt for her brother. Mary was her brother’s champion in his fight for a second heart transplant. What most don’t know is that Mary was the only person allowed in the room after her brother’s first heart transplant that did not have to wear sterile gowns, masks or gloves. She affected him in no way. Mary and I shared concern for our brothers and cried together over our inability to change their worlds and lighten their loads.

That is how Mary was. She brought no ill towards anyone. She loved everything and everyone. She looked for new adventures and held close to old ones. She was in touch with nature and nurtured all life. Mary was easy to work with and was always doing more than what was expected in everything she touched. I find that I know Mary better and better every day. She remains in my mind with everything I do

I miss her greatly and wish there is some way that I could change the events that lead to her death. I know that is impossible and I know that my life is better for having known Mary. I wish that I could have had more time with her to deepen our friendship.”


Several of us felt, and I’m sure you’ll agree, that it would be wrong to let our memory of Mary fade too much as time pushes us further away from the day we lost her. With that in mind, Drake Software has had a plaque made in her memory. This plaque will be hung in a central place in the Tax Development building.

The plaque itself features three pictures of Mary—two of her in the outdoors, which she loved. All three feature Mary’s remarkable smile. I think having the plaque there, in addition to brightening our days with her smile, can remind us of how precious life is, and how good it is that people like Mary could touch our lives—and how we can do the same for each other.

Read from plaque -

Mary was a trusted co-worker, a good friend, and a gentle soul who touched our lives in so many ways. She will be missed and remembered eternally.

Some people pursue happiness; others create it. Mary created happiness wherever she went.

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  1. Rose, this is beautiful. What a wonderful tribute to Mary.