Sunday, November 27, 2011


I have been watching lots of TV movies and shows.  The older movies use music for mood changes a lot more than newer movies.  It rather gives away the next scene.  One scene every one is happy and smiling and the music is light and breezy and cheerful.  Enter, in the next scene, the villain.  But just before the entrance comes the music. It changes suddenly to very low and very high menacing chops of beware tones.  It makes you get ready for the "whatever" that's coming next and you KNOW it's not good because of the music. 

That's what we need in life, beware music.  To prepare us for the chaotic scenes that we can't control.  

I do not like the scary movies where the scene changes suddenly to the horror of "whatever" and your heart stops and your breath is sucked away.  I cannot handle those scenes anymore.  I don't even like the sudden change to happy scenes either.


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  1. Rose, this is a great post. Wonder what we would do if the 'Beware" music suddenly started up in our life. Could we just turn off the channel and keep the bad things out? Makes one think.
    I think about you everyday. I don't get an award for being a good caller, but I might get one for "thinking about you"!
    I read your posts and sometimes I comment and sometimes I just sit here in thought and sadness-trying to suck some of your sadness in so you don't have to bear so much.
    I remember our long phone conversation back in June. My situation has not changed much in the step daughter category. I certainly won't win the "Stepmother of the Year" award. But, oh well, I am who I am. Well, here I am rambling...
    Anyhow, I love you Rose. You will always hold a very special place in my heart. ~Debbie