Monday, May 11, 2009

The unknown is everywhere

Today was long. I was not happy. I did not smile. I did hug, a lot. Hugs are good.

I have to write these things. I have to let them escape or I'd be forever sitting on my sofa rocking back and forth waiting for Mary to come home. And, yes, I do that sometimes but then I write.

The Unknown

I did not know that words could be so hollow

Until you could no longer hear me say I love you.

I did not know that days could be so long

Until night came without you on my pillow.

I did not know songs could sound so harsh

Until your voice was forever silenced.

I did not know tears could burn so brutally

Until I could not stop crying for you.

I did not know pain could hurt so continually

Until I realized that you are no more.

I did not realize the nature of your being

Until I saw the world stop at your death.

I did not know life could be so empty

Until your smile was torn from my heart.

I did not know that I could love so deeply

Until that which I loved was taken away.


Every place I go

Every thing I do

Every sight I see

Reminds me of you

Every cloud above

Every flower that blooms

Every bird that sings

Brings on this gloom

Every walk my feet allow

Every taste I partake

Every leaf on every tree

My senses cannot partake

Every face that smiles at me

Every hug that hugs me back

Every scream trapped inside

Reminds me life is black

Every breath I take

Reminds me you’re not here

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