Friday, May 8, 2009

One for the living


Family and friends sat around the table

Enjoying the evening with pink lemonade

Poker and life are games for the living

Taken with caution but not underplayed

Cards are shuffled and all are waiting

Then a stranger buys in wearing dark shades

Everyone’s happy and stacking their chips

Stranger is drinking quite unafraid

Cards are flying with all the trash talk

Lovers are smiling to a sweet serenade

Two cards down and the flop spreads open

Stranger is dealing, reactions delayed

These ace’s and eights are a sorrowful picture

But life is a gamble, a double edged blade

The turn is dropped, a duce on the table

And the man with the axe doesn’t meet the grade

Stranger smiles and raises the call to all in

I follow with confidence, innocent and unswayed

Torn from the heart as he slams down the river

Three duces for the stranger, a black hand grenade

Roads like this weren’t meant to be taken.

Hands like this weren’t meant to be played.

Can’t I just fold and get some new hold cards?

Dealt from the bottom, I feel so betrayed.

The pair that once was is now broken in two.

An ante like that should never be paid

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