Sunday, May 3, 2009

I see you...

I wondered around the house today. It rained off and on. Good for the willow tree. I watch TV and it takes my mind off the sadness until something I see or hear pops up. Something that I never before thought of in this frame of mind. Makes watching or reading anything rather precarious. We walked through Walmart, shopping for food and stuff. Mary was everywhere there too.

(for Tony)

I see you walking hand in hand, as you climb the mountain.

I see you laughing side by side, watching clouds high above.

I see you kissing nose to nose, while the camera is snapping.

I see you loving heart to heart, forever and always

(for Mary)

I close my eyes and you’re still there, reaching out to save me.

My arms grab yours and hold you tight, but the feeling is fleeting.

My heart it aches now that you’re gone, but your smile is waiting.

I take a breath and smell your hair, just as we finish hugging.

(for me)

When will I find the peace I need, so I’ll stop hurting?

When will I see your face and not see it screaming?

When will I hear your voice and know that you’re not crying?

When will I feel your soul touch mine so my heart can rest?

(for all)

One day when flowers bloom out loud, I’ll hear you singing sweetly.

One day when sunshine bursts the trees, I’ll see you dancing freely.

One day when rain drops fall into the sky, I’ll see you laughing brightly.

One day when love escapes all bonds, I’ll see you living forever.

I love you Mary.

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