Saturday, May 23, 2009

Non-existent pictures

Why are there so many stupid reality shows on TV? The only ones I know of that show what reality is are the COP shows. There are some strange dudes on those shows. I can only watch them once in awhile because the reality is so acute it makes you wonder what planet you are on. You certainly can’t be on the same one they are on. They need to make a reality show about the effects of drunk driving, child abuse, pornography, prostitution, kidnapping, etc on every day people. Wonder how that would go over. Beats watching someone eat worms or swim in molasses.

Here’s a reality site for you. I logged into MADD’s site for victim support and healing forums. I did not see much healing going on there. Mostly just other sad, sad stories. Then again, maybe just writing it down (like I do) helps everyone. I could only read a few in their entirety. One man’s entire family was killed. He sends a birthday card to the DD on each of his family’s birthday’s every year and has done so for 23 years. Twenty three years – and he said it hasn’t gotten any better. He’s just better at hiding it. So many stories, many with worse circumstances but not any sadder than mine. There is an on-line chat twice a week. That’ll really cheer me up.

Everybody is looking for help and answers and no one can give them any. Where’s the support? All they can say is “I know how you feel”, “here’s MY story”, “I don’t know what to do”, “Nothing will ever be the same”, etc, etc. And I know EXACTLY how they feel. So, adding my two cents won’t do anyone any good. All of the people who draft the laws should be required to read these stories every day for one full year. That might accomplish something.

As I sit here in the wee hours of the night each week I am serenaded by some birds….in the middle of the night……singing like it was dawn. These aren’t tree frogs. The window is open a little to let the breeze through and a bird is sitting near the window and he is LOUDLY chirping to me. The music doesn’t start until well after midnight and continues long past when I finally go to bed. Wonder what these birds do during the day time. In days past I would have emailed Mary to tell her of my discovery. She probably would have stayed up to see if there were any in NC. Now I’ll have to do that next weekend. We emailed each other all week long. Now when I send her a note it comes back, “non-existent address, try again”. What a description.

Now that Julie created a Facebook account for me I’ve started watching Mary’s account. Friends still comment on her site or talk about her and it shows up there. People still ask to be a “friend” of hers. My site has lots of pictures of Mary and links to GTF, and Donate Life, and events for both. Mary’s 10 year class reunion is coming up soon. I’m pretty sure she was going with her friend John. She would have gone in 3D. Now she’ll be there in 2D and a frame. John is taking some pictures of her with him.

And life goes on………for someone somewhere……for that #$(*&$^# man who turned Mary into a “non-existent 2D picture”.

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