Sunday, July 3, 2011


This has not been the best weekend.  I think one of my best friends is upset with me and I don't know why.  Then I was doing an on line check in with Delta and found I made the reservations for the wrong day.  So I'm waiting on hold to see if they can change my flight.  My stomach is in knots.  i am so screwed.

Had a night mare last night that they took Danny off the list completely because his antibodies were too strong.  Twice in the dream I told my self that this was a dream but I couldn't wake up completely.  So glad when I finally did.  No more sleeping on the sofa chair.  My bed was covered with my clothes and I didn't want to move them. Kerry is in NC with Donnie and Carol. So I figured it wouldn't matter where I slept.

Yesterday the guy I visited in the hospital got a heart.  He was very close to not making it.  Everyone is praising god.  And all I can think about is the donor family.

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