Friday, July 29, 2011

So, now Danny's home.  From Sunday night to Friday afternoon he shrunk up from 153#'s to 140#'s.  But he's feeling much better.  And looks so happy.  

I started looking through all the pictures on my floor.  They're ones I took off the hallway wall when I was painting. I can't seem to figure out how to get the into those black frames I bought.  I wanted my hallway to look nice and have some continuity instead pictures in all those mis-matched multicolored 2nd hand frames. But I have too many pictures and they don't fit the little "windows" in the frames.

I forgot to post the above and now it is not important anymore.
Danny had a check up today so they could see if his fluid build up was adjusting well.  He's gained 10 pounds since last Friday when he left Emory. But it's not affecting his heart as of yet.

Now for the bad news.  They have put him on the inactive heart list so he can have some more tests done to his kidneys.  The scan they did when he was there shows some "differences" from the scan he gets annually and they are concerned.  So the kidney transplant docs are going to take a look at him.  They said it might be nothing but they might want to do a biopsy.  The worst outcome (I believe) is he may need a heart / kidney transplant.

I haven't done any research on kidney disease or transplants yet.  But I will be asking a lot of questions next week and when I get all my answers I know I still won't like it.

After listening to the doc answers all my questions and thinking about the situation for a few minutes, Danny asked him "does this mean I can go to the beach?"  He has such an amazing outlook on things.  That didn't even cross my mind!  Yes, he can go to the beach.  So, after all his tests are finished he's heading somewhere he can fish on the shore.  I did ask if he could go to Alaska but, alas, that's a little too far!! 

I have to say I am really getting tired of this ghost called Chaos.  Each checkup Danny goes to I get my self ready for what "I" think the bad news might be.  This time is was maybe they'll put him back in the hospital next week to get the fluid off again.  But nnnnoooooooooo that's not bad enough.  Chaos always has to one up me.  Chaos must be an "alpha male" as Danny calls it.  It has to one up me all the time.

Well, now I'm getting pissed.

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