Saturday, February 26, 2011

What is this feeling?

"Fate will put in front of us the very thing that we are running away from."  I heard that in a TV show tonight.

I have been thinking about those 5 minutes I stood in front of that man and poured out my heart. I am still amazed that I didn't burst into a blubbering idiot.  I have never read that statement where I actually finished it without crying.  I was scared that my voice would crack or I would talk in a high squeaky voice.  But these things did not happen.  I stood tall and firm.  I meant every word I said and I wanted to be very clear to him exactly how I felt.  I was someone I have never been before.

I found strength I didn't know existed.  I am NOT who I was before.  I was telling the world what every parent feels when they've lost a child needlessly by the hands of irresponsibility.  And I wanted the world to hear my words clearly.  But, more importantly, I wanted him to understand how life has changed for me and my family.  After all, he's a parent.  How would he feel if his child had been the victim?  

I believe Kerry and Julie found the same strength. And Danny held us together.  

I can be anything, do anything, go through anything now, except this again.

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