Monday, February 7, 2011

One week and counting

I've been re-reading my victim impact statement that I may get to read at his sentencing. I will assume we will get that far.  I'm trying to read it without totally falling apart.  I was going to write another one since this was written 18 months ago but I still feel the same way so why not.  But I do not want someone else reading it.  I was to say it and stare directly into his eyes, his family's eyes, and the judges.  I want them to know EXACTLY how I feel and will always feel.

I am counting down every minute all day long until it starts.  I even checked the court calendar again, one more time, to make sure he is on it.  And, yes, he is, under the trail section.  I wish I knew I would feel better after all this is over.  But after this comes the civil case.  

When can I get my life back? Probably never, not the way it was, I know.  But more than half-assed would be nice.

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