Sunday, December 18, 2011


This time
Last time
Next time
More  time
What does time stand for?

Your time
My time
Their time
Our time
When time is up, what's next?

You frown
I mile
She laughs
He cries
Our faces give us away.

Hearts feel
Minds think
Understand that
Eyes blink
Reality changes that fast.

Peace and love
You cannot steal
Neither can they be a gift
They are packaged in the deal.

You think because I don't hold god's hand that I can't find what you call peace? Is your peace making your fate, your destiny, someone else's responsibility?  I have no one to blame or praise for my choices but myself.  If god gave me anything he gave me a brain.

Religions say the only way to peace is through their god. And there are so many religions so there must be many gods.  Which one is right or are they all right, or equally wrong?

There is no explanation for life - it just is.  But there is love. Think with your heart.

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