Friday, December 23, 2011

Shopping again

Yes, shopping again.  This time with Cindy and Amber.  Getting Cindy's hair cut and my hair place then to lunch with Amber and on to shopping.  Boy do I like to spend money.  Don't have any but that's not stopping me.  This is my escape, my release, the faux kleenex for my heart when it's bleeding.  

I have more pictures to create.  I can feel them.  Just need some peace and quiet.  Maybe I'll take another art class.  Never know.

Wednesday night I didn't go sleep.  Got in bed at 2am after finishing a hat and laid there until Kerry got up at 4am.  Then I just got up too.  Went back to making hats again and drinking coffee.  Just sitting in my chair with the quiet darkness outside and the little light on over my head reminds me I am still standing in the middle of the desert. Nothing has changed.  Still sand everywhere with some of the glassy spots still laying around.  I guess I could try to step on one of them but I'm not going to.  I'm quite comfortable standing here.  Those spots might give way and I'll fall.  I know they lead somewhere but I'm not in the mood to find out where.  One day. 

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