Sunday, May 22, 2011

Oh, NO

Is there anything else that needs to be shoved down my throat? Please don't wait till the "right moment", just say it, I'm a big girl.  And Danny is a big boy.

Danny's check up on Thursday was somewhat as expected but a lot of WTF.  Yes, his heart is getting worse, but we expected that.  Guess I didn't know what comes with "getting worse".  His good side is no longer "good" and probably will need a stent to keep it open.  Thankfully that's like getting a cath, no chest cracking.  And, will need to go back on some meds that are anticoagulants but help in stopping his veins and arteries from blocking.  The docs have to weigh the pros and cons of giving them to him.  But, Rapamune may also reduce the creation of his antibodies.  That was one piece of light.  Now for the slam dunk.  He will never be put on 1A status unless his heart stops or he has a stroke or something "life threatening".  Just because his diagnosis is CAD.  UNOS hasn't updated their rules and regs on heart statuses in forever.  So the only thing I can do is write to UNOS and give them my opinion.  I did offer to punch Danny in the chest while he was there to get it to stop and they could move him up then.  No one liked that idea.  But it's a mother's grasp.

He worries about me worrying.  I worry about him worrying about me.  Vicious circle.  But we agreed to worry together for a few minutes and do what we gotta do.  We are big kids.  

I am planning on going to Canada if nothing is going on with Danny.  That will make him feel better because he's not holding me back.  First time I've left Atlanta without him in 7 years.

I don't feel like writing anymore.  And.....I'm not giving up my space on the beach.....yet.

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  1. Thinking about you Rose! And Danny! Love you guys! I like the punching in the chest part, however I agree that it's probably not the best way to handle it! :) Mom's will think of anything!

    Love you!