Monday, May 3, 2010


Been doing a lot of thinking lately. Tony is on his way to Alaska.  People think he's "moving" on.  We're both just moving.  

I've been trying to make some kind of art.  Started checking out library books on Collage, Assembled, and Altered art.  So far all I've done is look through the pictures, copy pages that look cool, and go to thrift stores and Hobby Lobby collecting "things" to put into art projects.  My basement is FULL of STUFF.  I sit down there and stare at Mary's pictures and look through all the stuff I've collected.  Just can't seem to find that little push to actually put paint, glue, ideas to paper.  Oh, I diggle at little things but they aren't any good.  All the pictures look so exciting.  I can see all kinds of creations in my mind and I try to write them down or sketch them.  But actually creating them is a different story.

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