Monday, March 15, 2010

Unimaginable impossibilities

Just read a news story about a 21 year old marine that just got back from Iraq and was on his way home with his wife and dog.  He was hit head on by a 71 year old driving on the wrong side of I 20 at 6 Flags.  His wife is in critical condition.  His mother was "beside herself".  Been there, done that.  I find that very interesting and descriptive.  How do you get "beside yourself"?  Any thing that would cause you to become "beside yourself" could be termed an "unimaginable impossibility".  My mother used to talk about being so hot in south Georgia she wished she could walk around in her bones.   

Yes, I have been beside myself.  And it's not that easy to get back inside yourself.  Not sure if I've really gotten there yet.  You just sit and watch yourself continue on with life as it was or is supposed to be while you comtemplate how it really is wishing every second of every day it wasn't.  

Tony's coming for a visit.  He got a job in Homer Alaska.  Way too far away for me but way cool for him.  He's been trying to get a job there for several years.  He and Mary were going to live there for awhile after Danny got his heart.  Or they may have gone before and just come back.  We'll never know now.  There's so many things we'll never know about.  

I gotta quit writing or I'll get to feeling really bad and I can't go there anymore for awhile.   Thank goodness Mary is smiling in all her pictures.  If she looked sad I'd go mad.   

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