Saturday, June 6, 2009

Today is for Rachael

Christine introduced me to the bracelets we wear for Mary. I have one for Rachael that I wear and Mary wore hers till the day she died, literally. She never took it off, even to shower, work in her garden, sleep. Even though Mary had never met Rachael, she had a great impact on Mary's life. Rachael was Danny's friend for 6 weeks in this life and forever now. They were linked in a bond few of us will ever understand. Mary said she wanted to remember what she stood for and honor her life.

When the funeral home called to say they had Mary and were getting ready to cremate her remains they wanted to know what to do with the little black bracelet she had on her wrist. They were quite surprised that the coroner who did the autopsy did not remove it.

I wear that bracelet today along side Mary's bracelet. And, I will never take them off either, to honor both of them.

June 6th, 2009, is one and one half years since it was confirmed by CT scan that Rachael had sustained irreversible brain damage and that they would be removing her from life support the next day. I love you Christine.

Wander'n Hearts

Wander’n hearts, wander’n ways
I can see you still through a wander’n haze

City lights flarin’ up in the skies
Makin’ a sight for my wander’n eyes

Time has stopped and my fortune’s read
No time to wait to remember the dead

Shadow’s fall and the days have ceased
Pain is dull but there is no peace.

Why…….is it hard to accept the truth?
Life has felled and there is no youth.

Wander’n hearts, wander’n ways
I can hear you still through a wander’n daze

The tinker is here but he cannot mend
Surrendering thoughts we must transcend

Carefully stepping in footsteps gone by
Barricade the soul and let the mind fly.

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  1. Thank you Rose - I love you!

    Your poetry never fails to astound me - it is awesome!