Friday, June 12, 2009


Today I realized that I do not have any recent pictures (in the last 6 months before her party) of Mary with any of us and not in the last year or so with Danny. We were always having too much fun to grab a camera when we were together. There maybe something on her video camera that Cindy took of us all on Julie's birthday party. I'll have to check.

Don't get caught in that situation. Always take a camera with you where ever you go. Don't loose that smile, that hug, that captured spark of life. It may be the last one.


Fleeting moments sneak right past
No one takes a notice
A wave, a pose, a hug good bye
Gone just like the lotus

Capture moments in a frame
For your memories to remain

Your hair, your smile, your warm brown eyes
Watching, guiding as my life proceeds
Frozen in forever time
Your love of life will not concede

Your smile burns like a candle flame
Into my heart when it grows cold
Follow me to all my spaces
To nudge your stories from my soul

Capture moments in a frame
Keep beside the stars of wain

Pictures, pictures everywhere
Trying to replace blind despair

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