Sunday, June 21, 2009

This is from Cindy...............

this is not mary but, what it is is a sample of what she was going to be,a bride. but before she could be wed she died on 3/31/2009.she was killed by a drunk driver.i don't know his name but, i do know it was a accident,a horrible accident.i don't know if he was sorry or not. all i know that my aunt is gone.......forever.No i will never,NEVER forget her. she is a beautiful young lady.she never lets an amazing opportunity down.NEVER!!!!!!!! everyone who knows her will never forget her. she was a cheerful little lady,always a kid in heart.her body died but her spirit lived in all of us whom have claimed to have known her. MY MOTHER SAYS:SHE WAS THE STICKY GLUISH STUFF,THAT HELPED PEOPLE, PLANTED FLOWERS,AND OF COURSE,NEVER,EVER GAVE UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  1. Oh Cindy is so precious! Thank you for sharing this!