Saturday, June 20, 2009


I am overshadowed by a haunting
Visions of that night flicker by

I am fighting resignation
Second by second the battle rages

I cannot accept defeat
For that would be admitting that you are gone

I will not agree to the acceptance of my life now
The burden of continuance is festering mightily

I am overshadowed by a specter
The image of what should have been

I am fighting for peace of mind
The calm before the storm is fading quickly

I cannot accept strength
If you’re too strong people think you can handle anything

I will not agree to quiet my tears
Life is uncomfortable for some, unlivable for others

I am overshadowed by a ghost
He follows me every step, every breath I take

I am fighting a war with hate
That four letter word is consuming my soul

I cannot accept any penance he offers
Regret, remorse, guilt – all meaningless to me

I will not agree to absolution of any kind
There is no mercy in my heart at this time

I am overshadowed by sorrow

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