Tuesday, April 19, 2011

What about us?

I just read part of an article written by a family member about a little boy who donated his organs.  I couldn't read it all so I'm not sure who wrote it.  The only thing I selfishly felt was "what about all of us who wanted to donate our loved ones but couldn't?".   I tried so hard to do that.  Got REALLY pissed at the county coroner because he never called us back to tell us whether we could donate anything.  Then by the time the police finally got in touch with him it was too late anyway.  Even if he KNEW it couldn't be done he could have had a little compassion and answered his #$&#$ cell phone.  

It just makes me hate HIM even more. I believe it would have helped knowing Mary had been able to do what she preached to others. If wishes were horses then beggars could fly.  OR something like that.        

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