Sunday, January 10, 2010

Happy Birthday Mary

Don’t forget
Don’t’ forget me
Don’t forget what you did that night

Just remember
Just remember my face
Just remember the terror in my eyes

Don’t forget to remember…..

Every night I’ll be in your dreams
Every day I’ll get in your way
Every time you think you’re finally free
I’ll be there to remind you… remind you of me

You were ridin’ high, not a care in the world
Couldn’t even see the lines on the highway
I was cryin’ tears of loss for my friend
Just tryin’ to get home to see my family

We met upon the road, that cold dark lonely night
You couldn’t even see straight as you crossed that middle line
You should have driven off that mountain side
But I saved your life…..I saved your life 
By being in the right place at the wrong time
I saved your life….. don’t forget to remember me

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