Thursday, January 30, 2014

Life is...

Life is a path of boulders and holes. Neither of which are good for the ankles. You fall off the boulder and into the hole. The light you saw standing on top of the boulder is now blackened by the walls of the hole.

Life is a path of lily pads on a pond. None of them will hold your weight so you better learn to swim.

Life is a path of with no hand holds, no directions, no net to catch you, no light to guide you so why do we walk down that path? What is behind us that drives away from where we stand? Is it not safe? Are we forced to keep moving by some force we can't see? Or is it there right in front of us but we choose not to look.

Life is a path of choices, a constant stream of splits in the road. Take the lesser of two evils if you are afraid or the greater if you are stupid. Which is better, fear or stupidity? Because bravery is just a figment of your imagination.

Life is a box of chocolates. Yes, when you are young and ready to start down that path. Sometimes your born on the path and there never will be any chocolates.

Oh my, oh my... What is wrong with me?

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