Wednesday, April 7, 2010


So.... what do I know.  Not much.  Nothing.  Life keeps moving on, passing me by, and I just keep sitting here waiting, for what I know not.  I'm not even sure if I'm waiting or just sitting.  

Last week was almost as horrible as last year, just without the shock.  So many people called, texted, and emailed to say we were in their thoughts.  And......a few people didn't.  Nothing, not one word.  Oh well...

I am told that I live in the world of survivor's guilt. Interesting term. It's keeping my brain stuck in the past while my body moves blindly forward.  Because as we all know, you have to keep moving, breathing, eating, peeing, working, shopping, cleaning, and sometimes, laughing, playing, and always, hating, crying, and loving.

My life in a nut shell, I'm stuck.

Tony's coming tomorrow.  Can't wait.

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