Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Day 2

There we go.  Another year come and gone, another year to get through... I was supposed to start this yesterday but I only thought about it. I did start one new action.  I am starting each day off with a big glass of water. And I'm going to try to eat something for breakfast. Today I even did a few sit-ups.  That which is displayed in my mind hardly ever gets to my arms and legs but I'm going to try this year.

New Year's Day was uneventful.  Moved my shoes and sweaters to Gabe's room and neaten end up my shelves. Went to a movie with Bonni, knitted, played a game, fed the doggies, worked on plans for Ann's party. When you put it on paper my life is boring. I'm sure I did something else but what I didn't do is wash the dishes.

I guess that dude will start working on the floor this week.

Talked to Sherrell for a few minutes.  She made it back from the other side.  I was a little worried she might not make it.  I'll go visit her once and then let her and me get on with our lives.

Gotta get ready for work.
Love you Mary, love you Danny.
Holding on to Julie.

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