Monday, February 27, 2012

Oh my

I didn't realize it had been this long since I last wrote. I keep trying to find things to keep my mind busy but I'm running out of ideas. Can't shop forever, running out of money. Can't paint forever, running out of ideas. Eating too much, sleeping to little, thinking when I don't want to. Can't ignore the hurt like I thought I could.

I am stuck. Still standing in the middle of that dessert, but the stand storm is kicking up. Guess I'll try writing here again.

Gave up Facebook mostly. Maybe once or twice a week for 5 minutes. Don't follow hearts anymore. Getting to where I don't really like painting them either.

Let's face it. I'm just stuck.

1 comment:

  1. Every day I check to see if you have written...I am glad to see you have, you help keep me going! You have such a talent for expressing your feelings, thank you for sharing them!
    Love you Rose!